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Tearing Down the Walls – 2 Peter 3:14-15 (Sermon)

July 25, 2011


This message is based on the fact that God’s patience is salvation, and the church’s role in that. The emphasis is on the church moving beyond the confines of its building, and tearing down the “walls” that keep the church from seeking out the lost. LISTEN NOW: DOWNLOAD LINK: 2-Peter-3_14-15

What is Reasonable Service?

June 22, 2011


In the twelfth chapter of Romans, Paul moves from an 11 chapter theology lesson to the practical application of that theology. After all, a vast knowledge of God is useless unless it produces a changed life, and unless you actually use that knowledge. So, lets look at those first two verses of Romans chapter 12, […]

Do you know who you worship?

August 7, 2009


When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman in John 4:22, He said “You worship what you do not know…” I believe that this is the state of many churches and many people in the Christian community today. Many People try to worship Christ without knowing Him. In many churches worship is based solely on emotion, […]