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The Bible IS the Word of God, Pt. 2

May 14, 2011


In the previous post I showed that that we have an accurate record of the original manuscripts, but what about the authors, were they honest? can we trust what they say? Are there errors or conradictions on the Bible? Well. . . the Bible itself says it can be trusted. Proverbs 30:5 (NKJV) 5 Every […]

The Bible IS the Word of God, pt. 1

May 12, 2011


How can we trust the Bible, is it really the Word of God? Is it trustworthy, or just a bunch of fables written by fallible men. Skeptics constantly attack the Bible and try to cast doubt on it, if not utterly destroy it. throughout the centuries, millions of copies of the Bible have been burned, […]

The May 21 Deception

May 10, 2011


Since we’re getting close to May 21, 2011, I figured I would address Harold Camping’s latest prediction. Surely everyone has heard by now, that according to Harold Camping, the world will end on May 21, 2011. First will be the rapture, and then the destruction of the earth by earthquakes. This might make an interesting […]

Unity, Fellowship, and the Line in the Sand. . .

May 8, 2011


There is perhaps no greater need for Christian unity, than exists in the world today. Local churches are often disconnected from one another, and even sometimes look at the church down the street with suspicion. It seems that we have become territorial, and other churches are viewed as competition. Certainly it’s easy to be “unified” […]

Motherhood, the Greatest Calling

May 7, 2011


What is the greatest calling a person could have? Is it a missionary, evangelist, pastor, teacher, etc.? No, the Greatest calling one could have, is to be a mother. Obviously, without mothers,  there would be none of the people that I just listed. And. . . without Godly mothers, these aforementioned people would be few and […]

The Need for Apologetics

May 6, 2011


Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. Apologetics does not mean saying “I’m sorry.” The term is derived from the greek word apologia, which is essentially a legal term. It means to give a defense or an answer to an accusation. In essence, you could say that it’s an explanation of why. We […]

An Eye for an Eye. . . Biblical Justice?

May 3, 2011


WOW! In the wake of Bin Laden’s death, I have seen many people run off on two different tangents. The first one I cover in my previous article “Solemn Justice.” These are the ones who are rejoicing over Bin Laden’s death. The other group has run to the opposite end of the spectrum, and are […]